Chaco Flip Womens Sandals (Rebel)
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Chaco Flip Womens Sandals (Rebel)
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 Chaco Flip EcoTread™

Above and beyond the ordinary flip-flop, that’s the Chaco Flip Ecotread Womens. This women's flip flop features a biomechanically correct contoured footbed and soft polyester straps that make it the ultimate fixed thong. A rubber outsole and polyurethane footbed hug feet and flex with every step. The EcoTread outsole is made from 25% recycled rubber to minimize the impact made on the environment. This Chaco sandal features a soft polyester webbing upper that's water-friendly and machine washable. Step it up a notch in the Chaco Flip Womens!

  • Polyester webbing upper
  • BioCentric footbed with PU formulation
  • Nylon toe piece
  • 25% recycled EcoTread rubber outsole
  • 7 oz.
Country of Origin
  • China
Item #
  • J100050, J100660, J100650, J100656, J100668

1 Neck
Reduces the occurrence of posture-related neck aliments

2 Back
Minimizes strain on the back muscles and helps maintain proper spinal alignment

3 Hip
Prevents internal rotation of the femur, which alleviates pelvis tilt and reduces strain on the hamstring and gluteus muscles

4 Femur
Reduces internal rotation and eliminates strain on the IT band, decreasing IT band friction syndrome

5 Knee
Alleviates strain on the knee joint, preventing bursitis and medial knee injury

6 Shin
Reduces torsional strain on the tibial muscle structure and the incidence of shin splints

7 Foot
Helps prevent over pronation, plantar fascitis, and various injuries to the foot

Lasting arch support controls pronation.
ChaPU (polyurethane midsole provides durability for years of adventure.
Heel risers increase lateral stability.
Multiple widths ensure proper comfort on your adventure.

10 Step Challenge
Watch the 10 Step video to learn about the ADDSTRIDE™ footbed, how it affects your walk, and the benefits it provides your body!

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